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08 October 2012 - - - The DJ List


TDJL: What is Humdrum Hongkong all about? How did you start? Who are the members?

Humdrum Hongkong started in August 2011 after realizing the three of us shared a love of deep house. We are OCEAN LAM (HK), CASEY ANDERSON (USA) and MIKO VAN CHONG (HK). In Hong Kong’s house and techno spectrum, our music is probably on the deepest and most dubby side, with the lowest BPMs and lots of room for weird tracks – but always fun!

TDJL: What parties have you done?

We do a monthly party called LOCO at this bar called Bassment. Most of the Hong Kong DJs that play dance music have always played really dark, intense tech house – we support those DJs too, but the Humdrum group came together over house music that’s subtler, deeper, more melodic - we play dark tracks too but we balance it out with pretty songs here and there. Until we started doing our monthly LOCO night there weren’t many options for that kind of house. Luckily several other organizers started their own parties around the same time - people finally have a few options for house and techno in Hong Kong, and the DJs .

We hear from plenty of Europeans that our music and parties have more in common with little bars in Germany than the glitzy Hong Kong clubs, which has a lot to do with Ocean getting inspiration from touring there a couple times. For example, the room is dark except for a projector showing weird old films on the wall, there’s no bouncer checking out your clothes at the door and entrance to LOCO is free so we can try to bring fresh faces into our scene. We’ve brought DEETRON and I-ROBOTS to Bassment too and have some more international guests on the horizon. And oh, we have SATOSHI FUMI this month.

Individually we do all kinds of events around town. Ocean’s in an all-girl DJ group called FOXTROT and opens for big names like EFDEMIN. Miko plays in various clubs around Hong Kong and Macau and Casey have been DJing indie nights since well before Humdrum. Casey’s full-time career is music direction for fashion labels and sometimes art galleries, and recently Ocean’s been getting into that world too. She just played for D&G a few days ago, and in July she and Casey played a live set for Karl Lagerfeld’s photography exhibition in Hong Kong.

TDJL: How do you see Humdrum in 5 years?

Retired on a beach in Boracay after recording some hit singles with Simon Cowell. Just kidding!

Miko’s doing his own thing for a while. Casey and Ocean produce music but have only had a couple proper releases – we’re gonna change that soon. Otherwise we’re finally at the point where we’re invited to play in other countries, and aside from helping put Hong Kong on the map for electronic music, that’s always been a main goal to travel around playing music. Humdrum started as a way for us to reach more people with our own take on deep house and techno, and that’s what we’ll keep doing!

TDJL:Can you give me your 5 favorite tracks for this month and their labels?

Cubenx – Adrift At Sea
InFiné Music

Alex Savanin – In Flight (Extended Mix)
Highway Records

Tin Man – Futurist Acid
Absurd Recordings

Bocca Grande – Even If (Morning Factory Remix)
Rebirth Records

Tiga – The Picture
Crosstown Rebels

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