Half an Orange Return With EP For Instinct

01 November 2019 - - - The DJ List


Dropping via Monstercat’s Instinct imprint on today is "Mostly We Grow Pt.2," the huge new EP from production duo Half an Orange. The electronic pairing, based out of Ohio, made a debut with "Downtown" and recently delivered the stunning ‘Blink 182’ – which features on this EP.

Covering four tracks, "Mostly We Grow" is a pretty whimsical listening experience. As Half An Orange notes, ‘’Both parts of Mostly We Grow are about trying to grow as a person each day regardless of what life throws at you. The lowest and highest points of your life mean nothing if you don’t try to learn and grow from them.”

The EP as a whole zigs and zags through genres and styles… and yet, it never strays from a central theme. Half An Orange are wildly talented producers and artists, and this set serves to reinforce that fact even further.

We’re expecting big things from Half An Orange over the next 12 months so make sure you give "Mostly We Grow" a listen below!

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Alana Schulz