Half an Orange Channel "Blink 182"

05 September 2019 - - - The DJ List


Back with a huge new single are Ohio electronic duo Half an Orange who this week dropped the magnetising "Blink 182" via Monstercat.

Half an Orange have racked up more than 20 million worldwide streams with their organically written, seamlessly produced sounds and have seen huge support from some of electronic heavyweights CloudKid and Lowly Palace over the past 12 months.

"Blink 182" immediately lures the listeners into an interplanetary journey. A variety of instrumental elements are let loose and writhing around the deep end as sultry vocals are layered overtop. An infectious, singalong chorus streams from the speakers with emotional purpose, reeling you back for more over and over again.

It’s a killer sound from the duo. With more music set to drop over the coming months make sure you keep an eye out!

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