Habstrakt Says “Show Me” on his Insomniac Records Debut

28 April 2020 - - The DJ List


Habstrakt is no stranger to the scene but on April 24, he made his debut on INSOMNIAC Records with his single "Show Me." This bass house track was inspired by a trip to his home country, France.

“I went and messed around with a UK bassline on this one, something I can’t really say I’ve ever done before,” says HABSTRAKT. “Wrote this one in southern France during my holidays in November last year, and it’s been destroying dancefloors all over the world ever since. This record is about breaking boundaries, about me showing all the faces of my house.”

“Show Me’ is super danceable and still goes hard with that tried-and-true Habstrakt drive. The
larger-than-life synth riffs, proper laser fills, ominous breakdown, and adrenaline will bring those peak-time festival vibes straight to your living room.

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