The Grateful Generation Presents:An ABunDance of Magic at LURE Hollywood on 3/29

20 March 2014 - - - The DJ List



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For the past few months, the Grateful Generation has been using their creative energy to transform Hollywood's LURE Nightclub into bohemian, burner Bazaar they refer to as 'A-Bun-Dance' - a magical outdoor wonderland and playground. Between the exceptionally talented musical lineup, immensely artists and live performers like stilt walkers, belly dancers and all around ambiance makers, air-brush paintings, water massages, a host of delicious treats and positive vibes - these evenings are fully equipped to excite each and every one of your senses. On March 29th, they'll be returning to Lure for another edition of 'A-Bun-Dance', this go-round the theme is 'A-Bun-Dance' of Magic. Currently, tickets are $25 then $33 at the door.


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The night will feature eclectic sets from Woogie stage vet PUMPKIN, the funky fresh ROBOTIC PIRATE MONKEY from Colorado, Los Angeles natives and crowd favorites CHRISB. and danielLow - plus the debut LA performance of bass aficionados Bottle Service. Costumes are absolutely suggested for any and all 'A-Bun-Dance' events, so be sure to bust out your favorite festival garb and be prepared for an evening full of music, dancing, art and an amazing community to share them with.

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