Giuseppe Ottaviani - ‘Earthbeat’ (Original Mix)

04 February 2013 - - - The DJ List


Though he may not be a household Trance name yet, don’t sell GIUSEPPE OTTAVIANI short – this Italian native has been turning out massive tracks for the better part of the last two decades. In 1999 he started collaborating with the musical minds of producers ANDREA RIBECA and Giacomo Miccielè and formed the group NU NRG. This trance trio is best known for their album “Free Fall” and is responsible for turning out massive classics like “Dreamland” and “Butterfly”. After being discovered by one of the Trance masters himself, PAUL VAN DYK, the group was signed to his label, Vandit Records. In 2005 Giuseppe broke off from NU NRG and took the leap towards a solo career on the same label.

His latest release, “Earthbeat” is the perfect combination of a hard Tech-trance bassline and a driving melody that continually builds momentum; the final product is a big room, uplifting trance sound that’s impossible to get out if your head. Like most of his singles, “Earthbeat” makes it clear that his background in piano and classical music has translated to his success on the trance stage.


This single has earned Giuseppe a spot on John O’Callaghan’s latest mix album “Subculture 2013” and has garnered the praise of Trance legend ARMIN VAN BUUREN and the head of Vandit records, Paul Van Dyk. The track was released on January 28th and is currently available for purchase on Beatport.

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