Gesaffelstein’s One-of-a-kind Requiem Tour Opens in San Francisco

12 November 2019 - - The DJ List


Photos by Zoe Politis

Gesaffelstein’s long-awaited return to the stage, The Requiem Tour opened in San Francisco on November 7. Featuring all new live production first debuted at Coachella and hailed as “awe-inspiring” by Billboard, the stage features intense lighting design and a masked GESAFFELSTEIN performing against a wall coated in the darkest substance to exist - Vantablack VBx2.

“We were transported into a work of art; an abyss of darkness, where Gesaffelstein was our only focus point, our only form of light,” said Zoe Politis.

Though understated, this stage design and production were immensely captivating with the Vantablack walls, Gesaffelstein himself donned a metallic suit and mask, standing under a single light, and surrounded bt white beams of light that cut through the darkness.

“The stark contrast of light and darkness that permeated Gesaffelstein’s bass frequencies was echoed in the ambiance of the show’s production. Not to forget the metallic alien like armor he adorned himself with truly amplified the eroticism of his futuristic sounds,” said Walker Fisher.

Tracks off his new ‘NOVO SONIC SYSTEM’ EP as well as older well-loved songs with his entrancing Techno style, kept the crowd dancing to the heavy rhythm, which pounded through the floor and up through their feet. His set included “Blast Off” ft. Pharrell Williams, “Lost in the Fire” ft. The Weeknd, “Dance X,” and “Pursuit,” to name a few.

“I really enjoyed the first part of his show, when he played his older songs that have the dark intensity and industrial sound he's known for,” said Karen Liu.

“One of the most memorable moments was when he dropped Blast Off. As soon as a hint of the song began to play, the crowd went off with a massive cheer. Many phone lights were broken out, and lots of girls began perching up on shoulders. At the moment in the song when Pharrell says “blast off” closer to the end of the song, everyone screamed “BLAST OFF!” with him, and began to throw their hands into the air,” said Politis. “Even though it’s a fairly newer song, I think it’s what brought a lot of people’s attention to Gesaffelstein’s music.”

Overall, fans were impressed with the synchrony between the production and musical soundscape crafted by Gesaffelstein.

“What I really enjoyed about the show was how minimal visual production there was The environment he was trying to create worked so well with his music,” said Jackie Ip. “His costume was amazing! Overall great night and I couldn’t stop dancing!”

"You felt hypnotized by the lights so perfectly on beat with the music. The strobes, the lasers, the fog. It was so deliberate and hypnotic it almost felt inter-dimensional," said Eddie Solis. "He was in complete control of the energy throughout the night with a killer setlist and performance. One song after the other was a roller coaster of subdued energy to all-out party to thoughtful rhythm to pump-up rally and beyond!"

The “Requiem Tour” runs through November and is definitely a must see performance that satisfies the craving left after his hiatus. More information and tickets can be found on Gesaffelstein’s Facebook page.

November 7 - San Francisco, CA, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
November 8 - Los Angeles, CA, Shrine Expo Hall **SOLD OUT**
November 9 - Los Angeles, CA, Shrine Expo Hall **SOLD OUT**
November 10 - San Diego, CA, The Park at Petco Park
November 13 - Denver, CO, Mission Ballroom
November 15 - Detroit, MI, The Masonic
November 16 - Chicago, IL, Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom
November 20 - Boston, MA, House of Blues Boston
November 22 - Brooklyn, NY, Kings Theatre
November 23 - Washington, DC, The Anthem
November 27 - Atlanta, GA, Coca-Cola Roxy

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