GATTÜSO Releases “Life” as Heard on Netflix’s “Sex Education”

20 May 2020 - - The DJ List


GATTÜSO’s spin on Des’ree’s 1999 single "Life" is out now on Ultra Music. After being featured in an episode of the beloved Netflix series “Sex Education,” the track skyrocketed to #32 on the global Shazam Top 100. This international collaboration is produced by NYC-based GATTÜSO in tandem with the multi-award winning Danish duo Sorenious Bonk and singer Signe Mansdotter.

“Life” takes on an upbeat song that encourages us to reflect and embrace the great things we experience, combining Sorenious Bonk and GATTÜSO’s chill and house production. Des’ree’s original version of the song holds a special place in GATTÜSO’s heart as it was a big hit in his native Israel back in 1999.

“I used to love watching MTV and I remember the “Life” video was always on,” he said. “It was a big hit, so it’s really cool for me to have the opportunity to now cover a song that was such a big part of my youth.”

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