All My Friends Music Festival Surprises & Delights For Sophomore Year

20 October 2019 - - The DJ List


This past weekend, Downtown Los Angeles beckoned to 10,000 lovers of all things House music as it hosted the second year of All My Friends Music Festival at ROW DTLA. Attendees came from far and wide, and keeping true to the festival’s name, host Gary Richards (DJ DESTRUCTO) demonstrated his deep appreciation for the friends and fam going on the upcoming AMF “Friendship” cruise in January by personally guest-listing anyone who had booked a cabin. This generous gesture sparked a mass migration across the country for many and drew a marked crowd who came decked out in full AMF and Friendship garb- one couple we spoke to even came as far as Orlando after getting Gary’s message. It was evident that throughout the weekend friend groups were reuniting and growing larger, adding to the positive vibes of the festival.

In-between artist sets, attendees could grab a free cup of Rockstar energy drink, snag a Vodka from the Svedka booth, or just snap a fun instagram-worthy shot at either of the two photo-op spots hosted by Svedka and Tecate. The best surprise of the festival however was a lot less obvious… Typically, leaving your friends to use the restroom at a festival is among the least notable activities, but AMF didn’t disappoint, even when nature called. Pick the right porta-potty and instead of a dark restroom stall you would find yourself transported to a green tropical oasis hosting a third secret stage decked out in garden-esque decor and hosting un-billed surprise artists such as Mr. Kool-Aid and LA Riots all weekend.

Once word got out, it was like a nightclub at capacity, with security allowing only a small allotment in at a time and keeping up the jokes with attendees as they waited. It was one of the most original ideas we’ve seen at a festival and became the place to be for attendees and artists, with DIPLO even stopping by for awhile. As one attendee put it, truly a porta-party.

Officially, All My Friends DTLA had two main stages lovingly known as “BFF” and “The Friendzone”. Destructo of course threw down a fantastic evening set on Saturday at the Friendzone– but attendees who arrived at the start of the day were treated to an intimate and unannounced Destructo performance at the BFF stage too. Saturday’s energy spiraled higher when PHLEGMATIC DOGS took to the BFF stage and set the tone for two more Night Bass artists, Shift K3Y and Volac. For many, the highlight of Saturday was the rare DJ set from French duo JUSTICE that lit up the LED X-shaped Friendzone stage in a dazzling spectacle. Sunday had just as much spirit to offer during Diplo b2b MK with it’s dancy feels, and wrapping up with a spectacular two-hour set by BLACK COFFEE to cap off the event.

All My Friends Music Festival, Downtown L.A. is in the books, and we’re looking forward to seeing what Destructo has up his sleeve for Friendship and beyond. Each of his new festivals under the AMF umbrella has held fun surprises, a great atmosphere, and a lineup that truly was worthy of a party with all your friends.

Review written and edited by Alie Krohn and Nick Verburg for The DJ List.

Photos courtesy of Oh Dag Yo and Rukes.

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