F.O.O.L – Fuck It (Original Mix) [Free Download]

22 March 2013 - Hannah - Techibeats.com


Here’s a nice hard hitting electro track from Swedish duo F.O.O.L.titled “F*ck It.” The track was originally supposed to be released off Dimmak Records, but the boys were tired of waiting for a release date. While that may be a bummer for them, they surely turned it into a good thing for fans and offered a free download! The track has so many elements happening, but all work and function together to make smooth transitions within a unique track. From simple to complex in a matter of seconds, this track is a winner and it would be in your best interest to keep an eye on these hooligans. Cheers to a free download!

F.O.O.L – Fuck It (Original Mix) | Free Download