Florence + The Machine "Spectrum" -- Maya Jane Coles Remix

18 June 2012 - - - The DJ List


Maya Jane Coles has had a meteoric rise the past two years with her amazing productions and she does it again with her remix of Florence + The Machine's single 'Spectrum'.

Maya strips away the drum sounds from the original and adds a deep dark layer to this hit. But at the same time you can feel the positive energy and vibrancy that comes out of Florence's passionate singing throughout the whole song. Maya has been known to use lots of vocals in her tracks and her deciding to remix this track should come to no surprise as she is able to accentuate Florence's amazing vocals. This remix feels like you are weaving in-out of darkness and light through the whole song.

A sure fire hit single that will be played by all the top progressive DJ's around the world when it's released on July 9th on Beatport.