Festival Friday: Secret Project Marks a new Era for LA

19 October 2018 - - The DJ List


About this time last weekend on a beautifully fall morning, house and techno fans across Los Angeles were preparing to head to Los Angeles' Arts District for Factory 93's first standalone foray into downtown Los Angeles. Secret_Project: still as ambiguous as the day it was announced, took place October 13th-14th and marked the dawn of a new era for Los Angeles' underground electronic scene.

Backed by Insomniac's inimitable knack for production and in partnership with existing businesses surrounding the now trendy area, Factory 93 brought two days of incredible music at a simple (compared to Insomniac standards anyways), spacious venue for fans to enjoy. The stages and art paid homage to the Arts District culture - a mix of shipping containers repurposed into stages and street art abound - worked perfectly with the vibes the headlining artists and supporting acts were throwing down.

Shipping Container

Day 1 highlights include a fantastic disco set from MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE, a refreshing interlude between techno-heavy sets by artists ROMAN FLÜGEL and TRIKK. Immediately following Motor City was BONOBO who never fails to deliver  a well-rounded DJ set. Hard to leave just one stage, the other side of the festival offered just as much: BICEP, although having the shortest set time of the weekend, managed to fill their hour with some of the best live music I've heard this year. Truly one of the best live acts on the scene today. Immediately following BICEP were two hours of TALE OF US, best known for achieving a balance between haunting, melodic and pulsating beats (and some amazing remixes).

Day 2 had just as much to offer. Rising techno queen PEGGY GOU kicked things off early and set the bar for the remainder of Sunday Funday. Following her set, STEPHAN BODZIN educated the crowd on what true mastery of music really is. Word on the street is SKRILLEX even made an appearance at his set. Of course, the weekend culminated with none other than CARL COX himself closing out the event.

Carl Cox

A casual stroll through the grounds, attendees had the option to watch artists painting live throughout the weekend or could enjoy one of the many cocktails from ample bars around the perimeter. Every so often a train would roar by, perfectly completing the urban culture Factory 93 so successfully tapped into. My only complaint is that it went by way too fast!

Live Painting

Will Secret_Project return to LA? It's safe to assume so. Stay connected with the festival as it continues to grow: https://www.secretproject.com/ 

All images are credited to Insomniac Events

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