Give Up to Your “Feelings” with Bearson’s New Single feat. HART

14 May 2020 - - The DJ List


With the latest track from the forthcoming Next Wave Compilation, Norweigian artist/producer BEARSON released his newest single "Feelings" feat. HART. The lyrics sing of the too-well-known struggle of trying to open up to someone when you’re hurting, even knowing that someone is undoubtedly there for you. HART’s delicate vocals mesh perfectly with Bearson’s lush, melodic production.

"Feelings started with me receiving a demo remotely from Sweden. I really liked the song, so I got a hold of the vocal stems and started building around it from scratch,” said Bearson. “I usually like being in the studio with the vocalists I'm working with, but in these weird times we're in I guess I'll have to get used to this way of working too."

Listen to the emotive and beautiful “Feelings” out now on Next Wave!

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