Exclusive Interview with Romanian producer, DELYNO

29 May 2012 - Nikolai Marti - 128AndUp EDM Magazine


Delyno was the first Interviewed International Artist by 128AndUp Magazine back in 2011, we got back with him and found lost of newbies by the artist, from new releases to his brand new Label in Romania

Nikolai: Hi DELYNO, it has been a while and definitely a lot of stuff has happened since, please tell us, how this past 5 months have treated you since we interview you for the first time back in December?

Delyno: Hi. Thank you for getting back to me. It's been busy times for me, mostly working in the studio for my new projects and songs.

Nikolai: Delyno, we had a strong response your previous interview, a lot of Romanian people who are in love with your work responded quite well, full of positiveness, how does that make you feel?

Delyno: I'm glad to hear that. I am happy knowing that I have so many fans from all over the world and that people from my country appreciate what I'm doing, so that's making me feel "loved" which is very important to me.

Nikolai: "Ether Party" was a total success, while browsing your videos on youtube, and I’ve noticed millions of views, comments ranging from South America to Japan. This latest release, how did it go?

Delyno: That's true, because "Ether Party" was a song created from scratch, including 99 % of the sounds in it. All sounds were my creation and that's making me even happier. About "Busy Loving You", if you refer to this song, well this was just an experiment of sound, just to prepare my fans for something new in my productions, so I didn't expect to be a big hit. Even so, the feedback was good.

Nikolai: Our source told us of many tours… is it true that you have been all over Europe in the past 5 months?

Delyno: Actually, I wanted to focus on my new projects and we decided to make the tour in summer, as it's badly needed for me to stay in the studio for a long time, without leaving for more than few hours or for sleep. Still. I had some shows, but not a tour

Nikolai: Can you name a few places and describe the scenario?

Delyno: I can tell you about my last 2 shows, one in Thessaloniki (Greece) and my very last one in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). I had really good shows and had a lot of fun. You know… it is that sensation when I see all the people on the floor enjoying my show, which is a combination of DJ'ing with live vocalists, live instruments like Violin, which I mostly prefer and special effects. I try to create feelings and sensations and the people that involve in my shows, get full of that.

Nikolai: Thank you for this quick recap/interview Delyno, One last question, have any further surprises for your public, such as releases, any collabs?

Delyno: Yeah, I just released a new song under a new project named "Dean - Radmina" and it has a very good feedback and lots of requests from Big Labels in many countries.
I'm also working on my new project and of course for a new release under Delyno label. Thank you!

Thank you Delyno for this quick recap, it helped refresh all the good times back in 2011.

Delyno: www.delynomusic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Delyno/114202661933505
128: 128andup.com/DelynoMusic

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