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10 May 2016 - - - The DJ List


You’ve just done a crazy amount of touring including festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds and then off to places like Vegas for shows? How did that affect your production flow/creativity?

I love playing shows, and last year was fantastic being able to travel so much and play to so many diverse audiences, however it does have a detrimental effect on my production. I’m not a producer who can work on planes and out of hotel rooms on my laptop - I'm a bit of a homebody, I need my studio and comfy chair! It's been nice to have some downtime recently though and really knuckle down, getting this E.P series to the standard it needs to be.

Did you pick up inspiration for your EP when travelling around? Did playing out a lot also help to give you some insight as to what people want to hear at the moment?

Definitely. Hearing what different crowds like in different countries can really help to broaden your sound. For instance I love playing in the states because it's so different from here. D&B is as big there, so you find yourself exploring house and trap a lot more, whereas you can be in Germany and hear wicked new neurofunk you wouldn’t hear somewhere else.

The EP is full of versatility and it crosses through different genres seamlessly. Is there a story behind it? Is there still one genre that feel has most impact on you as a musician?

There's no real story, Just that i wanted to get back to making music for the floor, and not concentrating on radio plays. I really wanted to reflect where i am as an artist at this point in time. I’ve always been a multi-genre artist, so it's great to have this EP series as an outlet to explore. As for my favourite genre? That's like picking your favourite child!

‘El Camino’ is really driven, upbeat D&B, which we can imagine being played in someone like Andy C’s sets. Have you had a lot of support so far on the EP from fellow artists?

Cheers. It's always a bit nerve-wracking when you start a new project as you never know how its going to go down, but the support and feedback has been great so far, from both the D&B and house worlds. To be honest though, I try not to keep tabs on who's been playing what, where. I’d much rather concentrate on whats coming up next.

What would you say defines as track as being the KOVE sound?

I always like to make sure my tracks have a defining theme to them, whether it's instrumentation, lyrical content, or a cool sample. I like to think my tunes all have atmosphere to them - it's something I try to achieve when I’m writing.

Who should we be keeping our eyes on at the moment? Any producers put stuff out recently that has made you think, “wow”?

I'm really feeling Ivy Lab’s half time stuff at the moment, I'm a big glitch hop fan so Lab’s stuff ties in nicely with those vibes. Joe Ford’s new release is mind-blowing again, serious sound design skills. Out of D&B, Im really digging Malaa and Rrotik’s twisted bass line stuff, real dirty stuff.

Having now created incredible tracks covering both house and D&B, do you ever feel you would move completely out of dance music in the future and into another musical spectrum?

It’s something I’ve always said I’d like to do. Dance music can be restrictive, as the focus has to be, at the end of the day, on the ‘dance’. I would love to have a project that doesn't focus on beat structures and mix-downs, but at this point, I just don’t have the time!

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