Exclusive Interview With Karol Tip

27 November 2018 - - - The DJ List


We;re excited to showcase our interview with KAROL TIP, the German bass producer responsible for the new "Trouble" featuring Josie-Claire. We chat to him about the single, his sound and his artistic inspiration.

Good to have you! Please tell us a little about yourself… who are you and where are you currently based?

Hi, thank you for the invite! My name is Karol and I’m based in Cologne, Germany. I work as a full-time producer and DJ.

How long have you been making music? What made you first want to write it?

I have been making music since elementary school and I always enjoyed heavy hitting bass sounds. I think bass is my muse.

What do you enjoy most about producing? What difficulties does it sometimes bring?

What I like most about producing is, that you can create every vibe you feel. That is just amazing and difficult at the same time, when it comes to get your feels out into the machine.

Do your surroundings inspire your music? How would you sum up the signature Karol Tip sound?

I like to be out in the greens, that gives me a reset and inspires me a lot. I would say weird, bouncy and wonky stuff are a huge part of my signature.

Are you pleased with how “Trouble” has turned out?

Yes, I still think Josie did something special with her voice.

How did the collaboration with Josie-Claire come about? Were you already a fan of her work?

We met backstage at a festival we played at the same time and there it all began. I actually knew her band for a few years, so yes!

Where do you see your sound progressing over the coming months/years?

I think it gets more and more like what I really want to sound like.

If you could work with any artist (alive or dead) on a track, who would you choose and why?

No doubt, Boys Noize. He brought me into it.

What can we expect from you next? What are your dreams for the next year?

I want to make one or two EPs, play more shows and travel with my music. But that's a long-term goal… haha!

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