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29 June 2015 - - - The DJ List


If you're yet to hear the sounds of house producer and DJ JEROME PRICE, it's time you started paying attention. He's just served up a smashing remix for Scandinavian group Nause and has plenty more on the horizon. We grabbed Jerome for a few words.

How did you come about making this remix for Nause? 

I was actually in away in LA at the time and I got an email from the label telling me that they had heard my Tim Berg - "Seek Bromance" Remix/Bootleg that was out as a free download. They asked if I was interesting in doing a remix for one of their acts. After hearing the original, and instantly having loads of ideas with what to do with it, it was hard to say no. And that fact I would be remixing for Universal only made the deal that much sweeter. 

How long did it take you to get right?

It didn't take too long. I think the main thing is finding that right vibe and mindset where the creativity just flows. With the vocal being so great it was really just a case of making something to support it, rather then over power it but still have that energy in the drop needed for the clubs. 

Do you prefer being in the studio or behind the decks?

I think for me its it's hard to compare. Even though they come hand in hand these days, they are very different skill sets, in very different environments, requiring very different mindsets. When I'm in the studio making a track, I'm usually sat down and on a really chilled vibe. Once the ideas are laid down, the process is pretty clinical, focusing on fine-tuning sounds. I'm usually on my own so I won't receive any feedback until l I've sent it off or put it out. As for DJing, the feedback is instant... If you're connecting with your audience you know it straight away. Plus you're with your friends having a good time. But there is no better feeling then when you create a track in the day and road test it in your set the same night, and it gets an amazing reaction. The two are very much hand in hand and I miss one without the other, for sure.

Who would you say has inspired you the most musically over your career?

I could list a bunch of producers who I always play in my sets, or whose productions I look up too, but I don't think that they really inspire me musically. For me, it's always the comments on my SoundCloud and Facebook appreciating my work and saying how much they are looking forward to my next release that inspires me to keep pushing myself to get my sound better.

Do you have any other releases lined up you can talk about? 

Yes, I have a few more remixes to come out yet. The promo has just started for my remix of Pitbull and Chris Brown's new track "Fun" that I recently finished, and another remix for a cool new girl group I met out in LA called Wild Style with their debut single "Take Me Home". The feedback for those have been great so far. I've also been working with a bunch of amazing songwriters in London and LA over the past 6 months and have got some original material that I'm really excited about getting out this summer. So definitely keep an eye out!

Where in the world would you most like to play? 

It's got to be Ibiza. I haven't even been yet, let alone played.. which I'm ashamed to admit, but it's got to be the Mecca for dance music. Of course I would love to play any of the major festivals, but really anywhere there is a decent sound system and a crowd that is up for it… I'm happy. To play in Ibiza would be amazing. 

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