Exclusive Interview With Blinkie

16 September 2015 - - - The DJ List


Having just released the supremely catchy "Don't Give Up" (On Love) through Ultra Music, it is clear to see that London producer BLINKIE is here to stay. The single has received incredible pick up and fan reactions, and we can't get enough of it. We grabbed the talented Blinkie for a quick chat.

How did you get first into production? Has music always been important to you?

I've always been around music, my parents always used to play music around the house and my older brother used to DJ when he was younger. A lot of his friends made music and I was always around them - I looked up to him and his friends, like any younger brother does. Music has always been important to me, I've always found myself drawn to activities which involved music like dance and even MC'ing/rapping.

Where the name Blinkie come from?

Blinkie is actually a name that kind of stuck with my friends after I got chased by a dog when I was younger - let's just say I'm very quick on my feet! A very funny moment I won't forget now.

Could you tell us a little known fact about yourself?

I don't sleep much. I don't often sleep in a bed, I tend to take power naps in the studio.

“Don't Give Up” is your debut single. How are you feeling about it?

I'm feeling great, humbled, excited & grateful! This has been such an incredible time for me, with such beautiful support. I love that this is my debut, because at the time of making it, it was such a calm and happy moment - making music for the love of it.

How did you link with Ultra Music?

Jamie Kemp, from Toolroom Records, who happens to be a very good friend now, hooked the situation up for me. It's amazing to have someone so passionate about your sound - and now we are here!

What tends to influence your sound?

Life inspires and influences my sound. Literally anything could happen; someone could say something deep or funny, that then triggers an idea. I could hear a noise and that could be it! A lot of what I create comes from how I'm feeling at the time, music should be about emotions.

What does the rest of 2015 hold for you?

I just want to carry on making great music, and if people like it, well that would be amazing. I've learned not to rely too much on the future as we forget to enjoy the moment. I plan to keep working, enjoy the incredible support I'm receiving and let that inspire me to continue to create.

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