Eskei83's "Make The Record Skips" Inspires Remakes

28 April 2019 - - - The DJ List


Out today and following on from the original single is a remix package based around ESKEI83's "Make The Record Skip." A super creative producer and champion DJ, he has made his own edit of the track alongside a bundle of fresh ones.

The remakes come in fresh from the likes of WIDE AWAKE, Marten Hørger, TEEZ, Thugli, Karol Tip and Doc Trashz, and they each set the track alive with new beats, riffs and basslines.

Eskei83 says: “Make The Record Skip' was my most successful track of 2018 and every time I play it, it takes off! I had to bring it into 2019, so I asked my favorite producers to interpret it their way. Also I wanted to work with Sam King for a long time and asked him to tell the story of ‘Make The Record Skip.’ I’m super stoked that I now have so many dope versions in different styles that I can choose from for my live sets - to make the crowd go so wild that the needle on my record will skip.”

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