Elrow Returns to Brooklyn Mirage and Avant Gardner for ROWLLYWOOD

17 April 2019 - - The DJ List


After selling out Brooklyn Mirage last summer and Avant Gardner this past November and February, elrow returns to Brooklyn Mirage on Saturday, July 27 to continue its New York residency with “Rollywood,” another 10-hour open-air festival. Taking an additional room at Avant Gardner, “Rollywood” promises to immerse and enthrall Elrow fans from sunset until early morning.

Elrow fans will be entering a Rowllywood film production with a mind-blowing set — embroidery, incense, statues of deities everywhere, and a spectacular Taj Mahal with a pantheon of gods and goddesses overlooking the fun. Thrown into the party are snake charmers, fakirs, street traders and, if his carpet doesn’t get testy, maybe Aladdin will fly in from Persia for a good time. The film directors will be following you with their cameras, so it’s time to put on your veils, saris, henna and silk. You are center stage in this mega production and Mumbai is waiting.

Registration is now open for presales HERE

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