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02 August 2013 - - - The DJ List


If you're not in Chicago for Lollapalooza this weekend, there's no other place to be for music besides HARD Summer in Los Angeles. Earlier this spring, HARD announced their jaw-dropping line up that includes names from all across the board. Whether you're a hardcore trap and dubstep fan, lover of electro and house, or a new wave future garage sound kind of person, the line up has something to offer you, and it promises not to disappoint.

In recent years, HARD has succeeded against all odds of the Southern California curse that has sent a handful of other up-and-coming production companies of the area to failure (think Go Ventures). Acquired by Live Nation last year, HARD now has several annual events under it's belt and even featured it's own stage at EDC Las Vegas. But HARD has made an effort to set itself apart from the other production giant in the game, Insomniac. Though their events are smaller scale, they focus less on the high production stages, costumes, and performers, and focus more on the raw of the music festival - the artists and the music they bring.

We here at The DJ List want to ensure you have the best experience at HARD Summer this weekend, so check out our guide to HARD Summer below.

Festival Map

With four stages and 12 hours of non-stop music over two days, there's so much to experience and not enough time to see it all.

Check out XXYXX, the epitome of future garage who plays on the Underground Stage on Saturday. XXYYXX's signature sound is melodic, hypnotic and blends R&B and vocal samples in the most unexpected ways. It may be a mellow way to start your weekend at HARD, but you really can't miss the magic of his tunes.

If you haven't listened to TJR yet, it's a set you can't miss this Saturday at the Summer Stage. TJR is the old school feel of electro house we've been missing from big room headliners since electronic has exploded on the scene. He's all about the bounce, keeping the crowd partying all throughout his set. His latest single "What Up Suckaz" hit #1 on Beatport!

Sunday should absolutely begin with gLAdiator's set at the Harder Stage. This trap heavy duo is quickly rising on the scene, and as their name suggests, they hail from the City of Angels. You can expect they'll go 10 times harder for their home city.

You'd be crazy to miss Clockwork's set at the Harder Stage later on Sunday. Even if you've never heard of the name, you've heard the producer's songs (look up BBBS or his remix of Perfect Storm). CLOCKWORK is delivering a big room sound that is like none other - specializing in tantalizing synth riffs and drops that get the crowd going.

And finally, do me a favor and see BASSNECTAR at the Main HARD stage to close out the weekend. His recently released Immersive Music Mixtape has been on repeat ever since it's debut and this bass guru has something to offer that is unique from every other dubstep sound out there. He's also about to embark on his Immersive Music Tour, so consider it a gift from HARD to you to check him out.

Of course, there's dozens more artists you'll have time to check out at HARD, but be sure not to miss these guys. The up and coming talent HARD brings to the masses is unbelievable - it would be a crime not to check out the new music this weekend. At least it's good to know, you can't go wrong no matter which path you decide to go down.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you at HARD!

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