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04 October 2013 - - - The DJ List


Over the past few years, EDX aka Maurizio Colella has made a name for himself in the international EDM scene, headlining the world’s finest clubs and festivals. We got a chance catch up and sit down with EDX after his amazing set at Nocturnal Wonderland this year.

How did you get into dance music?

Well that's a long time ago...actually I started as a DJ in hip-hop way back more than 20 years. When electronic music came over to Europe with acid house it turned into a new generation - a movement - it's own subculture. The raves started, the warehouse took me like a storm and turned me into an electronic house DJ.

Can you share with us about your upcoming releases?

I'm touring a lot but I am still focusing on my music. I've been traveling so many countries and see so many music lovers all over the world. As such, I get inspired by them. There is will a lot of new releases coming. There is still a couple of remixes to be released. There will be a single to be released in October on Toolroom Records called "Hype". There will be another single together with LEVENTINA which we will be releasing on Spinnin' Records in November and a couple of other records by the end of the year.

What has been your most memorable gig so far this year?

Actually that is hard to say as I have done so many shows this year. Definitely one of the biggest shows and the most emotional one for me was during Carnival in Brazil. I played in the capital in front of 70,000 people - incredible, the vibe, the people - everyone was smiling, hands up in the air. They were just enjoying good music. I already went back a second time and it was the same vibe! Crazy...definitely one of my best gigs this year.

In your opinion, who is the up-and-coming artist to look out for?

It depends...the market, the music. I really like the music of this Swiss artist called NORA EN PURE. It's more deep house. I really like the vibe and melody - modern but still fresh. Another is Leventina. I feel like he is the next one who can break through. There is is one Russian artist called ARSTON which we will be releasing some of music on our label PinkStar Records. His latest release called "Zodiac" is a big track. I feel like he has the potential because his music is just incredible.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Hard to say, I have never thought about that as I have only done a few collaborations. I have done one with KASKADE, JEROME ISMA-AE and Leventina. Since then I have not done any collaborations and have released more than 100 tracks on my own. I'm not really the guy who is doing collaborations a lot, but I am sure there is a lot of people out there who I could do an amazing track. It's very hard to say. I would love to do something with a classic progressive house sound. I may do a record with ADAM K & SOHA. I am sure it would turn into an amazing progressive house track with a lot of emotion, good vibes and feeling. I feel like there are a lot of artists out there with good talent and together we could do some magic. I don't want to name like one in particular.

What would you like to say to your fans?

It is incredible to be able to work in the studio in a small city next to the airport in Zurich, Switzerland - jump onto a plane and travel all over the world - playing your music out there to people and fans who know your song. They sometimes even know the lyrics better than me! It is definitely something very blessing to have all these fans which are that dedicated to your music and I just them to be happy, smile and enjoy music.

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