Disclosure Releases New Tech House Track 'Apollo'

28 October 2013 - - - The DJ List


Disclosure fans everywhere woke up with something amazing in their Soundcloud - brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence have released 'Apollo', their first single since the release of their incredible debut album 'Settle'.

'Apollo' lands on the funkier, darker side of Deep + Tech House with its steady, driving bassline and sultry looped vocals. Compared to their more lyrical jams like 'White Noise' with Aluna Francis of the duo ALUNAGEORGE, 'You and Me' featuring songstress Eliza Doolitte and 'Latch' with SAM SMITH, this latest single peels back the sweetness and gives fans something fresh and different: a stripped down, mechanical track perfect for a sunrise set or 3am in a packed club. No telling what the official release date is, but for now you can stream the single on Soundcloud or right here:

If you haven't gotten your copy of Settle, DISCLOSURE through their various social media accounts - keep your eyes on these guys, there's no guessing what they'll do next!

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