Dekmantel Festival Is The Electronic Music Festival Worth The Travel This Summer

19 March 2015 - Andrew Akanbi - The DJ List


Among several prodigious electronic music festivals in Europe such as Awakenings, Time Warp, Dimensions, Sonar and Amsterdam Music Festival, I will audaciously proclaim that Dekmantel Festival is superior to all of the aforementioned. Dekmantel is a high-quality production, 4-day night & day festival situated in the heart of the Dutch capital, with three prestigious locations; Amsterdamse Bos, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, and Melkweg in August. I will state my reasons hitting the head of the nail without wasting your sweet time. Firstly, the essential factor contributing to the significance of any electronic music festival is the lineup of DJ/Producers that will grace the sacred festival grounds. I recently discovered the festival myself through my die-hard techno loving friends at a Donor show last year. I looked through the past lineups including this years lineup and the festival's genius of curating artists from all backgrounds and sub-genre's of underground music is utterly conspicuous. Major festivals in New York, Los Angeles and several spots in Europe really fail to go the extra mile and ignore the risks of booking locals and unpopular acts.

It's sad how popular festivals such as EDC, BPM, Ultra & co. have lineups that have gotten more and more able to predict over the years. It's the major reason the excitement for festival announcements mostly in America have died down over time. Names like Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Loco Dice, tINI, Pan-Pot, Seth Troxler, Martinez and many others already have several club residencies and these are the same names you read as headliners on popular festivals. I am definitely not down to spend several hundreds of dollars on these headliners that I have already seen multiple times.

Dekmantel 2015 Lineup

Dekmantel comes in to fix these recurrent problem with a combination of globally know heavy weights, European acts that rarely play in the West and also underground or unpopular locals that are champions in their own right. Basically, every genre of electronic music is covered with acts like heavyweights, JEFF MILLS & ROBERT HOOD, including less popular advocates of the underground like TESSELA, TRUSS, LUKE SLATER, Pangaea, HELENA HAUFF & SURGEON that are purveyors of genres like Industrial Hardware Techno, Modular Techno, Electronica, IDM and Acid Techno/House. I can say I speak for a majority of festival goers that we are sincerely sick and tired of set being strictly Tech-House.

Dekmantel 2014

I am more than excited to leave my beloved East Coast to go witness the cluster of musical geniuses at Dekmantel Festival. The quality of music and general musical atmosphere is what makes this festival supreme to others. 2013 and 2014 highlight videos on youtube clearly show the type of wonderful atmosphere the festival creates. It is of no surprise that Dekmantel made the highest placement in Resident Advisor's list of top 10 festivals. The festival's website is very helpful having detailed information about every aspect of the festival. This is the time to start planning that bizarre summer get -away, get ahead and look through the Dekmantel website here for all inquiries.


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