Deadmau5 releases '7', an EP Based on the Seven Deadly Sins

12 November 2013 - - - The DJ List


This morning came with a one-two punch for DEADMAU5 fans - first, he released '7', an EP that stands as a meloncholy homage to Dante's Seven Deadly Sins. With a history of making minimal house and darker, thematic singles like "Raise Your Weapon" and "Soma", a move in this direction isn't unprecedented. In his latest interview with Rolling Stone,DEADMAU5 alluded to creating a more thematic musical journey - and this EP hits that nail on the head.

Between the dissonant and minor chord progressions, '7' stands alone as a hauntingly unique musical journey and emotion evoking track is named in Latin for one of the sins.

Acedia: Sloth
Invidia: Envy
Luxuria: Lust
Superbia: Pride
Gala: Gluttony
Avaritia: Greed
Ira: Wrath

As DEADMAU5's latest EP arrives, the man behind the mask - Joel Zimmerman - has simultaneously deactivated his Twitter account in the wake of yet another musical talent fueled feud. No telling how permanent this will be, but based on a post this morning from his Tumblr account - he will no longer be managing his own Twitter account and instead will leave that piece to management:

"Perhaps ill return to that in world as some reincarnation of sort, but for now, that’s off the table for me. I’ll continue to upload new music to my soundcloud, and the twitter account will point you in the right direction for the most recent happenings… but enough’s enough with living on twitter. Time to at least start by living in the studio making music without having to be force-fed stupid shit that annoys me, when all i’m trying to do is connect with fans."

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