Every Day is the ‘The Weekend’ with Showtek

07 April 2020 - - The DJ List


Showtek is back with their first single "The Weekend" out now on UNIVERSAL Music. “The Weekend” is a technicolor, carefree anthem featuring Canadian producer/songwriter EVA SHAW and rapper SPREE WILSON.

“‘The Weekend’ has a child-like happy feel, it speaks to the part of yourself you never want to get rid off, and releasing a song like this keeps that part alive. If we would’ve taken life too seriously we would not have made this track. We noticed last year that the industry started becoming a bit saturated and too focused on numbers only. For us, it’s important to have fun doing what we do and being open to trying out new things. That's the kid part in everyone, you don’t want to overthink every little step but just do, and try out things,” said SHOWTEK. “We had a lot of fun writing and producing this and that’s why we worked with Eva and Spree to create a song containing a variety of styles. They are both active in different genres and both added something special. We wanted to create a hybrid of all the musical styles that have influenced us since we were young.”

“This song was made out of a need to have fun in a changing world. When I linked up with Showtek and Eva for "The Weekend," I thought about the crazy times we're living in now and how we together, with this song, could bring a smile to people’s faces and really bring some joy in people's lives through music. I just wanted my verse to feel carefree and fun and really highlight what it feels like to live every day like it's the weekend,” added Spree Wilson.

“Wouter of Showtek and I wanted to come up with a fresh yet familiar take on party music. We both have fond memories of pool parties in Vegas and a time when EDM, hip hop and pop started merging together in a fun, carefree way. I don't usually sing myself, because I sound like a little kid, but we actually felt that direction worked perfectly for this track. I had connected with Spree previously and we felt his dynamic talent and free spirit would vibe perfectly. He ended up being the ideal addition to the record and the whole process was really smooth, authentic and fun,” said Eva Shaw. “I hope the pure enjoyment that we had in creating this record comes through and the fans love it as much as we do. More on the way!”

Listen to the super fun single out now!

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