All Day I Dream in San Francisco was completely mystical

02 July 2018 - - - The DJ List


There's just something incredibly unique about LEE BURRIDGE's event series All Day I Dream which tours the world. This past weekend on Saturday the tour hit Hellman Hollow in the grassy fields of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. From noon to dusk it was nonstop dancing as OONA DAHL, GORJE HEWEK & IZHEVSKI and Lee Burridge took listeners to an unforgettable musical journey.

Apart from the music itself there was even a guided wellness yoga in the park which was very relaxing and renewing. I truly appreciated the on site face painting and decoration so it allowed people to express themselves whichever way he or she wanted to. Lee Burridge closed the performance leaving us feel privileged to be able to experience so many different musical stories while dancing the afternoon away in delight. The event was definitely a testimony to Lee Burridge's signature technicolor emotionalism which is a rare experience in today's current electronic music scene.

Be sure not to miss the next event at Brooklyn Mirage in New York on Sunday, July 15. Tickets are available here.

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