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29 February 2012 - [email protected] - Global Publicity


Phillipe Hallais and Dang Khoa Chau teamed up in 2009 to become DARABI – a spunky duo breathing new life into warehouses and clubs with their bouncy gangster disco attitude and energetic sets. Darabi have been dubbed as the SOUL CLAP of the French underground by fans and artists alike. 
The A-side is dominated by their latest title, „Player“, a modern echo of Jamie Principle’s Chicagoan R&B. It’s an animated piece lead by fresh and sassy lyrics over suspenseful atmospherics. The dub version shaves off the bulk of the lyrics, leaving a subtle hint of vocals trailing behind.
The flip-side solely belongs to TIM PARIS – the heart and soul behind label, Marketing Music, whose key philosophy on the art of music is keeping it multifaceted and expressive. His polygamous relationship to electronic music allows him to explore and be inspired by anything and everything, ranging from pop to contemporary. 
Paris’ first number unravels around the seductively malicious vocals of Sex Judas. The track’s wide vocal range alongside the colorful and robotic beats gives „Too Close“ a flamboyant flair as lyrics like „all that you want is to have me“ draw out a spine-crawling body spasm. A more serious instrumental version is the second track as the quirky vocals are strategically pulled out like a cloth from a dinner table.
The vibrant tracks that had the label heads smitten at first beat will pave a vibrant road to the Miami Music Winter Conference this March.

A1: Darabi - Player
A2: Darabi – Player (Dub)
B1: Tim Paris feat. Sex Judas – Too Close
B2: Tim Paris – Too Close (Instrumental)

Label: Items & Things 
Artist: Darabi & Tim Paris
Title: Various Items 2
Cat. Number: IT013
Format: Vinyl & Digital
UPC: 673799381317 
Release date: 16/03/2012
Private preview link: http://soundcloud.com/itemsandthings/sets/darabi-tim-paris-various-items/

For more info contact:
Clare Dover
[email protected]
+44 (0) 7855 369013

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