Man Cub Releases “Good Enough” from Forthcoming Album

31 May 2020 - - The DJ List


Enhanced Music rising-star MAN CUB shares his latest single "Good Enough" featuring passionate vocals from Swedish songwriter JEN. The single accompanies the announcement of Man Cub’s debut album ‘Impressions,’ due out on July 10.

Man Cub's distinct production style combines flawlessly with JEN's soaring vocals, “Good Enough” is a catchy, exhilarating single featuring the best elements of future bass, guitar riffs and soaring melodies over dynamic snares. The lyrics are emotive and relatable.

"Once you fall in love with a song, it becomes really personal. It can mean something different once it becomes yours. So to me “Good Enough” feels more like my battle with being a good enough artist, and being good enough to share what I have with others," said Man Cub.

‘Impressions’ will dive deeper, and showcase his budding talent. “Good Enough” is just the beginning.

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