CloZee Welcomes You to the ‘Neon Jungle’

16 July 2020 - - The DJ List


Photo by Pierre Beteille

French producer CLOZEE is known for her global sound and that all comes to life in her new 'Neon Jungle' LP, out now on her own imprint Odyzey Music.

A pioneer of world bass, CloZee is revered for her ability to dissolve the geographic and regional barriers that exist in modern music. ‘Neon Jungle’ transcends the boundaries of electronic music, opening with "Mirage" then followed by the album's rhythmic namesake "Neon Jungle." CloZee and Australian indie icon The Kite String Tangle teamed up for the hypnotizing single "Us," which with The Kite String Tangle's beautiful voice juxtaposes with the powerful "Winter Is Coming." Next comes "Air" featuring Sauvane and then "Nuages," a down-tempo collaboration with 9 Theory. "Heya" puts CloZee’s world bass front and center before taking a quick departure into hip-hop in “Long Live The Chill” featuring Sir Bishop's lyrical genius. To close out the ‘Neon Jungle,’ we have "Amazonia" and "Perfect." This 10-track ride through the inspired mind of French musical maven CloZee is truly a work of art serving as a nod to her travels as both an artist and wanderer.

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