Chet Porter Enlists Alison Wonderland For The Catchy "Bummed"

06 March 2020 - - - The DJ List


Just out through Ultra in time for the weekend is "Bummed," the new collaboration from super talented artists CHET PORTER and ALISON WONDERLAND. They both sing on this indie-inspired sound, and it has a bittersweet edge.

Chet explains: "I wanted to make a song that had a cool vibe and it turned out very indie-leaning... I played an older version of it for Alison Wonderland one day and she instantly started humming this chorus melody over it, so she wrote some lyrics and we recorded it all within like 10 minutes. I recorded my vocals months and months later straight into my iPhone after Alison messaged me about these dolphins that were at her hotel. They looked so sad to be in this little pool, they weren’t even moving and just looked depressed and like they’d given up. I’ve read somewhere that dolphins can commit suicide by holding their breath until they die.

Anyways, the song’s basically about dealing with depression. I wanted to mention different things like how a person can look happy, but it doesn’t mean they are. And like, I probably need therapy, but I can’t afford it.”

Check out this one on the stream below.

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