BOUNCE WEEK: Interview with Melbourne Bounce Guru, Jungle Jim

27 October 2014 - - The DJ List


James Jewitt, better known as JUNGLE JIM, has been pushing the boundaries with Melbourne bounce since he began producing music. Each of his tracks deliver a totally unique vibe, and one of his recent releases “Chopper” even features a trap breakdown. It’s safe to say Jungle Jim has mastered the dirtier side to Melbourne bounce and it’s exciting to see what he’ll do next. Not to mention, he often includes free download links via his SoundCloud, which is always an awesome treat. Check out our interview with the young producer below to find out more about his inspirations and career.

How did you first get into electronic music, particularly Melbourne bounce?

I first started really listening to electronic music 7 or so years ago at clubs like Qbar, Revolver and One Love (Prince). Before that I was pretty ignorant of good quality house music as i grew up listening to hip-hop, following my older brothers love of it. I think coming into club scene laid the pathway for me finding my own love of music instead of doing what a younger brother does and follow his older brothers. Specifically with bounce it was listening to guys like T-REK, Okestrated and Stevie Mink that started my love for melbourne music, while guys like Sparks sent me in a direction which lead me to find my own style.

Who do you find most inspirational in the dance music world?

I was inspired by DJ's like T-Rek and CHARDY originally and as i found my feet in the scene guys like Sparks and Deorro took on a different direction of inspiration for me. International artists FAKE BLOOD, JESS ROSE, JACK BEATS, BOYS NOIZE, DJEDJOTRONIC and DIPLO have driven my passion in the dance scene outside Melbourne. While these days a lot of the younger Dj's inspire me to keep improving, Tyron Hapi, RIDVAN and LXA among others.

How would you describe your sound to someone unfamiliar with Melbourne bounce?

Cheeky cooked melodies with occasional filth.

Your recent track "Chopper" has a different, more aggressive vibe and features a trap-esque drop. What were your thoughts behind the change of pace?

I’ve never wanted to lose a side of my music which really began it all for me, the filthy side. So songs like Trippa Snippa, Black Wolf, The Zombie, Freddy ect. and now Chopper are all examples of that. The trap breakdown I've wanted to do for a while and I felt it suited the song with its slow heavy pace.

Your recent release "Venom" with TINY TIM is another awesome song, how did that track come about?

Tim and I have made a few tunes together and I don't think we've been able to get 100% of what we can show in a song, until Venom. We wanted the track to be big and energetic with a fun, upbeat breakdown, something that we could play anywhere and it would get people on their feet. Tim added his own flavour to the song and we were both really happy with the outcome.

October is a packed month for you - you have a ton of gigs lined up. How's that going so far?

Its great to play outside of Melbourne as you get to see people vibing to bounce away from the city it began in. They also haven't had the easy access to Melbourne artists that we have so they generally lose their sh*t when you play there.

Do you have a favorite venue to perform at?

Tramp for sure, can't beat the sound system.

When you aren't producing music, what's your favorite genre to listen to?

I’ve been smashing out plenty of electro-swing recently. Although I do listen to all kinds of music from reggae to deep house to trap and others.

What's been the highlight of this year so far?

Being able to travel to play in South Korea was an incredible experience. They waited on hand and foot and it was a mixture of trying to act like 'of course i deserved this treatment' and 'wtf, this is nuts.'

Any projects in the works?

I've got a new track coming out in just under a week. Theres some wacked out macedonian lyrics in there to mess with people.

For more on Jungle Jim: Facebook | SoundCloud

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