The DJ List Catches up With Sean Tyas

17 September 2013


Interview: My Favorite Robot

16 September 2013

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The DJ List Catches up With Sean Tyas

Sean Tyas, a New York native, now residing in Switzerland, brings to the dance floor a mix of melodic harmony and driving groove th...[more]

Interview: My Favorite Robot

The Toronto based trio My Favorite Robot has risen through the musical ranks since their 2009 debut to become one of the most highl...[more]

Exclusive: The DJ List Catches Up With Miss Nine

If you haven't heard or seen Miss Nine at Ultra Music Festival this year, we got a chance to catch up with her again this year. Mis...[more]


Deep, soulful and powerful - this is how one would describe the vocals of Natalie Peris, Croatia´s leading EDM singer / songwriter...[more]

Interview: JORDY DAZZ

A college dropout turned standard setting beacon to 21st century club music, Jordy Dazz has conquered a long and winding road en ro...[more]

Interview: BAMBI

Eva Shaw, better known as Bambi, has exploded onto the dance music scene since her debut performance at Ultra Music Festival in Mia...[more]

Interview: Mind Against

Mind Against is a Berlin-based electronic music duo consisting of Alessandro and Federico Fognini.

The project is born in 2011 a...[more]

Interview: andhim

It was spring 2010 when the Cologne natives decided to kick their butts and get out of their studio to show their beats to the worl...[more]

Interview: Clarian

Clarian is a fast rising DJ/producer from Canada who's body of work has already gained him worldwide recognition amongst his peers....[more]

Interview: Cari Golden

A professional vocalist and songwriter in Los Angeles for well over a decade, Cari Golden’'s natural talents put her in the top ti...[more]

Interview: Omid 16B

Omid Nourizadeh also known as Omid 16B, is a DJ whose passion for cutting edge electronic music is unrivalled. As a DJ and producer...[more]

Interview: Guy J

Israeli producer Guy J has established himself as one of the most sophisticated and emotive producers in electronic music of the la...[more]

Arty Reveals The long Awaited "Grand Finale"

The explosive release of Arty's "Grand Finale" has been more than two years in the making. Currently dominating the charts and fuel...[more]

Back-To-Back interview: DJ Pierre and Gene Farris

DJ Pierre and Gene Farris are considered legends and pioneers of house music. We were lucky enough to take a bit of their busy sche...[more]

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Interview: Lauren Lane

Lauren Lane is an up and coming DJ/producer who's originally from New York and recently moved to LA in the past year to further adv...[more]

Interview: Trent Cantrelle

New Orleans-born, LA-based DJ/producer Trent Cantrelle scored big in 2011 with his dance floor rocker "I Want A Freak". The smash h...[more]

Lazerdisk Party Sex Teaches Us About " SWANG "

They are Lazerdisk Party Sex and just like their music, saying this duo's name leaves you feeling a tad-bit naughty but entirely in...[more]

The DJ List Meets : DREZO

This is a story and a really good one too. It is a funky tale, all about how a young DJ named Andre, became the Producer known as D...[more]

Distinctive and Dangerous: We Meet FERAL is KINKY

Born and raised in North West London FERAL is KINKY is the Femme Fatale of Global-bass. FERAL writes, produces and performs one o...[more]

Our Interview with JoeySuki: This Is Just Beginning!

America, meet JoeySuki. This 24 year old dutch DJ is owning it oversea's and shaking things up stateside. We sat down with the tale...[more]