BT with MUSE

BT Develops 'Muse' Application With Leap Motion

07 April 2014 - - - The DJ List


In his fifteen years of experience within the EDM industry, Grammy nominated composer BT has not only produced and recorded his own work - but he's had his crafty hands on massive records from Madonna to Britney Spears and Peter Gabriel to Sting. When he was first starting in the industry, he was lectured that nothing new would come of technology - thank goodness he decided not to listen to that nonsense. Thanks to a partnership with Dr.Richard Boulanger from the Berklee College of Music and Leap Motion, a company that specializes in sensory controllers ruled by your hands and ten digits, BT has developed 'Muse' - an application that lets you craft and produce music by waving your hands in the air above the controller. The more complex you want to get, the better - MUSE 'lets you reach out and layer complex chord sets, intricate drum grooves, atmospheric sounds, and more using an intuitive cubic interface to transpose in any key.'

Have you always fancied yourself a composer? Are you a seasoned musician looking for new inspiration? Leap Motion want to hear your best tracks. Record your MUSE creations, post on YouTube or Vimeo, and tweet them at @LeapMotion or share them on Facebook.

Learn more about the latest inLeap Motion technology and make sure you keep up to date on all things BT with his socials - The DJ List | Website | Facebook | Twitter |Youtube

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