Borgeous Turns The "Lights Out" With New EP

22 August 2019 - - - The DJ List


New from the talented mind of BORGEOUS is his "Lights Out" EP - a bundle of four tracks that show us exactly why the producer and DJ has had such success over the past few years.

There is the incredibly sharp "Everybody" which introduces some throttling drops and pitched vocals, and the up-tempo, rhythmical vibes of "Bad Boi." Vocals are a key focus in "Runnin," which comes just before the EP closer "Another Day" - designed to end on a heavy note.

Borgeous says: “I usually put a lot of focus on music with crossover appeal, but I’ve always loved playing out the hard stuff in my sets. So I decided to make an EP of records that I get excited to play out and put into my live edits.”

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