BOOGIE T.RIO Reveal Their "Remedies"

16 March 2020 - - - The DJ List


It’s been an immense 12 months for producer Boogie T, releasing his ‘Old Gold’ EP back in November. Now he continues to move forward in his musical evolution with his band BOOGIE T.RIO who are back with their wonderfully diverse ‘Remedies’ EP.

Bringing their talents to the forefront are Brock Thornton aka Boogie T on guitar & vocals, Frank ‘Animal Drums’ Castro on drums & percussion and Andriu ‘Yano’ Yanovski on keyboards & vocals. The 'Remedies' EP is filled with four tracks that take you through a pure funk, soul, blues and bass music journey.

The BOOGIE T.RIO share: “We’re hoping that the ‘Remedies’ EP has something for everyone. Whether you need to relax, get over a heartbreak, get inspired, or just have a good time, we want the music to help bring you wherever you need to go. As a new band, it can be tough to find ‘your sound’ but we’re really excited about the direction BOOGIE T.RIO is heading.”

Take a listen to the full EP below!

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