Bonobo closes out live performance at Bill Graham in SF

26 September 2017 - - - The DJ List


Photo Credit: Erik Wilhelm

Simon Green, most widely known as BONOBO, recently performed a fully live set with vocalists and instrumentalists. Having dropped his sixth album titled "Migration" he returns to the road on a massive tour. It's really awe-inspiring to witness his live performance as he showcases his musical talent on stage that is full of euphoric and emotional melodies.

I personally felt like the entire set was a journey much like how life is, and could not help but give into the thought-provoking musical textures that spread across the venue. The overwhelming theme reflected the title of his album "Migration". I found myself thinking of how his music is that of life, where we have our high and lows. More specifically, how the world has "migrated" or "changed" recently with all the natural disasters, politics and other human/societal/environmental things.

It is very interesting how Bonobo's remarkable performance somehow united thousands of attendees that past weekend regardless of anything because ultimately music is a universal language that knows no boundaries.

Be sure to catch Bonobo live on tour here.

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