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23 July 2012 - Kristina Parsley - 128AndUp EDM Magazine


Guest mix featured on PULSAR by []
Buenos Aires, Argentina July 13, 2012

"Dark and groovy" as described by Pulsar's radio host at "La Casa Babel" in Buenos Aires Argentina. NIKOLAI MARTI taste of dark techno sounds are not always as "direct to the point" as many would play... Instead he decides to have an interesting build in to hype on this particular mix.


Opening with: "Volski - Source (Original Mix)" at 108 BPM and 14 Minutes into the mix with an amazing underground hit by "Mike Wall - Expecting Different (Splatter Remix)" at 122BPM.... Yeah, and no... chill's are not part of it, some how they just sneak in your feelings, I suppose this is the result of someone who closely follows the work of icons such as OLIVER HUNTEMANN, Linda Swallow, Hanchi, ADAM BEYER, PIATTO Geist, JOHN MASSEY among others.

Not mentioning that Nikolai's new release, a collab with American producer "Raytek" will release under brand new American record label "Transplant Music Group" as "Raytek ft. Nikolai Marti - See the light (Original Mix)" at the beginning of September 2012.

More guest mixes such as Spanish record label "InsominaFM Digital" [iTunes] or Hernan Cattaneo's tribute, featured in "The Nocturnal beat" from Los Angeles, California [iTunes], ""Party Radio USA" from Brooklyn New York (with a live interview) can be found on:


1. VOLSKI - Source (Original Mix)
2. Dubit - Container City (Splatter DUB Intervention)
3. DURCHEINANDER - 1973 (Splatter 2073 Remix)
4. MIKE WALL - Expecting Different (Splatter Remix)
5. Oliver Huntemann - Melbourne (Original Mix)
6. Adam Beyer, ALAN FITZPATRICK - Human Reason (Original Mix)
7. SPLATTER - Goodbye Sandy (Minitronix Remix)
8. MARCO BAILEY - The Sniper (Stroboscoop Mix)
9. CARL COX - The Player (Tom Hades and ROEL SALEMINK Remix)
10. John Massey - Brother's Keeper (Original Mix)
11. Piatto - Geist Kontrolliert (Original Mix)
12. MICROTRAUMA - Reflection (Original Mix)
13. JOOP JUNIOR - Exclusive My A** (Original Mix)
14. FELIX LORUSSO - Yukon (Instrumental) (Original Mix)


Footage of Nikolai Marti Live @ "Eclipse Nightclub" on July 21, 2012.

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