Benzi Releases Single With a New Sound, “Red Rover”

28 July 2020 - - The DJ List


Benzi is flipping the script on his sound on brand new single "Red Rover" featuring Sad Alex. This track is a departure from his usual trap offerings and showcases a more emotional side. Sad Alex’s vocals reference the playground game red rover to express the yearning to turn a digital connection physical. The verses are understated instrumentals while the drop captures a unique future bass sound. “Red Rover” is the perfect, airy and poppy summer track.

“Red Rover” is the second release from the brand new Seedeater Records, a joint venture by Cardinal Artists and Create Music Group. The new label cultivates for the future — seeking to encompass growth, implant new sounds, ideas, and spark rebirth. Make sure to check out “Red Rover” and keep an eye out for everything new coming from BENZI and Seedeater.

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