Au5 Makes Enhanced Debut with “Answers”

21 July 2020 - - The DJ List


Denver-based producer AU5 is known for breaking the bounds of genre in his captivating tracks, blending trance and dubstep to create a unique sound. He is back, making his debut on ENHANCED Music, with new single "Answers". Au5 takes listeners on a multi-dimensional journey that opens with a serene melody and echoing vocals done by Au5 himself. The song builds into powerful melodic bass and dubstep-influenced drops laden with sparkling synths and futuristic sounds that compliment one another so well.

“Answers” is the first release under Enhanced Music’s rebrand and shift in musical direction. To bring new life to the artwork, Enhanced brought on designer David Malone who has worked with Jamiroquai, Rihanna, Marcy Gray, John Digweed, and many more.

“Our Enhanced Recordings imprint has had several revamps over the last 12 years, and I think this might be my favorite one yet,” said Co-Founder Will Holland. “We teamed up with the legendary David Malone, who has helped to deliver a new direction that feels both modern and timeless, and in keeping with our principles.”

Listen to “Answers” out now and make sure to check out Enhanced as they transform the label and look forward to the rest of 2020.

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