ATTLAS Releases New Single "Sinner Complicated"

10 December 2019 - - The DJ List


Photo by Christina Boemio

As the leading single off his forthcoming ‘Lavender God’ album, ATTLAS"Sinner Complicated" is out now on MAU5TRAP. “Sinner Complicated” is a 6-minute journey through an intoxicating narrative with intricate percussive elements and dynamic synth work. The track creates an atmosphere full of ATTLAS’ signature sounds.

Accompanying the single is an otherworldly 3D motion graphic video shot by @iamcyclo. Catapulting deep into the mind's eye, the video is a sonic journey through psychotomimetic patterned color ways - the perfect pairing to ATTLAS's wondrous backsound. After a slew of impressive releases including his hit remix of DEADMAU5's "Aural Synapse," and sensational Storyline mix series, it's no surprise that ATTLAS was voted as DJ Mag's Breakthrough DJ of 2019.

"'Sinner Complicated' is a textured and atmospheric roller that progresses with narrative intention from the beginning,” said ATTLAS. “It's a good first introduction to the album as well - the melodies through both the track and album are much more a result of live performance, and the arrangements let their energies ebb and flow with an almost restless spirit. Freedom and the grand mystery are the themes that drove me throughout the process."

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