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24 February 2020 - - The DJ List


In celebration of their third studio album, ‘Church,’ GALANTIS has partnered with entertainment technology company Wave to create the ‘Church of Galantis: Live Virtual Concert in Wave,’ a stunning VR experience that will be shared with their global fanbase on February 26 at 11:30am PT. The event will stream live on their YouTube channel.

“We’re so excited to be able to share the Church of Galantis show with all of Seafoxnation around the world,” said Galantis. “We had this idea to bring Church into a virtual realm, where everyone could come together as one body of music lovers and share this awesome experience no matter where you live. This virtual tour stop with Wave will be a special one.”

Using Wave’s proprietary technology, the duo will transform into custom avatars in real-time and perform an exhilarating, live 30-minute set. Fans from around the world can join via Galantis’ YouTube channel. as Seafoxes, embodying their beloved mascot for the show, which will be a magical, one-of-a-kind live experience, incorporating fantastical elements and surprises fit for the Church of Galantis, and marks several monumental moments for Wave. The show - premiering on YouTube - will be the first to capture two live performers with motion capture technology, translating Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw’s dynamic movements and artistry in the virtual world. As always, there will be unforgettable moments and very special cameos that can’t be missed. In addition, Wave will rebroadcast Galantis’ virtual experience across multiple time zones, allowing their fans from all around the world to experience the magic. A special virtual reality experience rebroadcast in the Wave app will also be available, time and date to be announced soon.

“This is one of the most breathtaking shows we’ve created,” said Wave CEO and cofounder Adam Arrigo. “We look forward to inviting Seafox Nation into this beautiful virtual venue. We loved collaborating with Galantis and the amazing team at Atlantic Records - we are believers!”

Galantis released their third studio album ‘Church’ on February 7 via Big Beat Records. The collection takes listeners on a euphoric sonic journey, with the title extending beyond the words’ surface – rather tapping into broader senses of community and inspiration.

“‘Church’ doesn’t necessarily refer to a building or specific religion,” explained Galantis, “but instead to people banded together in similar belief for a better humanity. Whether it’s advocating peace, change, or just lifting each other up – that is our ‘Faith’ and ‘Church.’”

No headset is required for this virtual performance - simply attend through the duo’s YouTube Channel at the time of the event and be whisked away into the Church of Galantis on Wednesday, February 26. A time and date for the rebroadcast of the special virtual reality experience in Wave will be announced soon.

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