Ardalan Releases Debut Album, 'Mr. Good' on DIRTYBIRD

Ardalan Releases Debut Album, 'Mr. Good' on DIRTYBIRD

02 November 2019 - - The DJ List


Following up on the widespread support and praise for the album's single "I Can't Wait", ARDALAN returns with the full release of his debut LP "Mr Good", which is out now on Dirtybird Records.

'Mr. Good' captures a distinctive and emotional look into the heart and mind of a young artist. It’s a coming-of-age tale and an aural exploration of the producer’s path—from growing up in his two homes of Iran and San Francisco, to finding success and grappling with the sacrifice that comes with it. The story unfolds across eleven tracks produced amongst the crests and valleys that define the perpetual search for creative freedom.

“‘Mr. Good’ is about a story of self-acceptance. In some cases, we strive to be the perfect person. Yet, we never learn to be ourselves. We and society are forced to wear a mask to hide our true traits and flaws, which are the very reasons that push us to be a better person in this world.” - Ardalan

Ardalan’s Iranian roots play a heavy role in the album’s inspiration. His
musicianship began in Iran, where his adoration of the artform was bred into him from a saxophonist father and a mother who was once a singer. While he draws a lot of his inspiration from melodic dance music of today, he writes with the minor key and melancholic melodies that come from the music of the country he was born in.

Ultimately what Ardalan has created in ‘Mr. Good’ is something bold, unexpected, and entirely his own. Genres are fused together and twisted into captivating new takes on house, techno, and beyond. It is with a sense of vulnerability and maturity that Ardy turns towards this next chapter, with the malleable future of dance music at his heels and the full support from the label that raised him.

Ardalan is currently undertaking a 36-stop tour in support of ‘Mr. Good,’ showcasing the new record with extended sets in some of North America’s most intimate club environments.

Tickets are available now on Ardalan's website,

Mr Good Album Tour Dates:

November 1 - 99ten - Edmonton, AB

November 2 - The Great Northern - San Francisco, CA

November 8 - Sonia - Boston, MA

November 9 - Home Bass - Orlando, FL w/ Justin Martin

November 15 - Casa Cobra - Guadalajara, MX

November 16 - Vinyl - Denver, CO

November 21 - The Patron Saint - Indianapolis, IN

November 22 - Wallflower - El Paso, TX

November 23 - TV Lounge - Detroit, MI

November 27 - LVL44 - San Jose, CA

November 30 - Open Studios - Vancouver, BC

December 5 - TBA - Miami, FL

December 7 - Warehouse on Watts - Philadelphia, PA w/ RYBO

December 14 - Bang Bang - San Diego, CA

December 20 - Sound - Los Angeles, CA

December 21 - Meow Wolf - Santa Fe, NM w/ Kevin Saunderson

December 27 - Spybar - Chicago, IL

December 28 - Monkey Loft - Seattle, WA

January 10 - The Parish - Austin, TX

January 11 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO

January 17 - Site 1A - Milwaukee, WI

January 19 - Sunday Night Mass - Burlington, VT

January 22 - Holy Shipwrecked - Punta Cana, DR

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