Anjunadeep Open Air Shines Effervescently in Prague

30 October 2019 - - The DJ List


The ANJUNADEEP imprint has become a tastemaker in deep house for the past 14 years. With Open Air events across the globe, fans gather to hear sets from the label’s artists at some of the best outdoor spaces. Perhaps the most well-known Open Air shows come at the close of each Group Therapy milestone show as the official afterparty. On Sunday, October 13 Anjunadeep took over the Krizik Fountain in Prague to close out an already amazing weekend. The Krizik Fountain is also known as the singing fountain, and fittingly so as the water and lights danced in time to the music. It was a very unique space set against the stunning backdrop of the Prague Exhibition Grounds. Lights and lanterns strung across the stands as well as the lights on the water gave an ethereal feel.

“The vibe at Open Air events is always amazing,” said Ryan Mabry. “After a night of all-out excitement and energy, it’s fun to see the flip side where folks are taking it a bit slower, a bit more intentional. I spent the day with my old friends, making new friends and being surrounded by those who appreciate music the way I do.”

The lineup was top-notch with many Anjunadeep mainstays making an appearance. 16BL, BEN BOHMER, DOM DONNELLY & PENELOPE, JAMES GRANT & JODY WISTERNOFF, MARSH and TINLICKER all graced the stage with one and a half hour sets. As the night went on, the fountains rose and changed colors in synchronization to the music. Fans were allowed up on rafters behind the stage so they could get both an intimate view of the booth and a panoramic of the stands.

“I arrived when Marsh went on. He and everyone after him delivered! You could feel the absolute vibe in that place as James and Jody set the sun, and then Tinlicker took us to church for the close of the show. Everyone around me was buzzing; Anjunafamily was home,” said Mabry.

Tinlicker, who had also performed at ABGT350 two nights before delivered a massive set to end the night and energy was not lost as the crowd sang along and danced to their favorite tracks off the newly released ’This is Not Our Universe’ album.

“My favorite moment was when Tinlicker played Fractal during the sunset. The lights and fountains behind the stage were creating this beautiful mist around the venue,” said Sahib Bhai. “I love that song; hearing and seeing it in that moment with every person in the crowd around us going wild for it was magical and I think about it every day. It’s something I’ll never be able to explain when people ask how Open Air was... They just had to be there.”

With the 350th installment of Group Therapy now over, ABOVE & BEYOND and both Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep labels march forward with numerous releases and worldwide events. You can find more information on the Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep website. To relive 350, you can listen to the sets on Above & Beyond's Spotify or watch them on their YouTube channel.

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