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Anjunabeats pres. Super8 & Tab 01 Out Now Exclusively on iTunes

05 April 2012 - Erin Osovets - Theory X PR


Long established members of the Anjunabeats family, Finnish duo SUPER8 & TAB set the trance world ablaze in the mid-nineties with classic anthems 'Helsinki Scorchin' and 'First Aid' and continue to today, with their latest chart-topping track 'Awakenings' and their highly acclaimed debut album "Empire," which prompted Mixmag to write "It's a rare and wonderful thing to be blown away by an album on first listen."

Collecting 12 classic moments from their impressive discography, "Anjunabeats pres. Super8 & Tab 01" features much loved tracks like 'Good Times' feat. BETSIE LARKIN, 'Black Is The New Yellow' feat. ANTON SONIN, the club mix of 'My Enemy' feat. JULIE THOMPSON and their remix of Tranquility Base's 'Oceanic.'


This compilation also includes a bonus DJ mix for only £6.99!!

1 Helsinki Scorchin' (Original Mix) - Super8 & Tab 9:50
2 Oceanic (feat. Tranquility Base) [Super8 & Tab Remix] - ABOVE & BEYOND 7:31
3 Black Is the New Yellow (feat. Anton Sonin) [Original Mix] - Super8 & Tab 8:12
4 My Enemy (feat. Julie Thompson) [Club Mix] - Super8 & Tab 8:18
5 Suru (Original Mix) - Super8 & Tab 9:27
6 Elektra (Original Mix) - Super8 & Tab 8:14
7 Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab Remix) - LUMINARY 8:13
8 Delusion (feat. ALYNA) [Original Mix] - Super8 & Tab 7:36
9 Good Times (feat. Betsie Larkin) [Original Mix] - Super8 & Tab 6:51
10 Eternal Sequence (Original Mix) - Super8 & Tab 5:51
11 Won't Sleep Tonight (Original Mix) - Super8 & Tab 8:49
12 First Aid (Original Mix) - Super8 & Tab 7:31
13 Anjunabeats Presents - Super8 & Tab (Continuous DJ Mix)
Anjunabeats 1:13:38

For more information on Super8 & Tab or to request an interview, please contact Erin Osovets at [email protected]

About Super8 & Tab
Only a select number of modern trance artists can convincingly say they are taking the sound to the next level. Although the humble, softly spoken duo would never shout it out themselves, Super8 & Tab are undoubtedly among them. Renowned for their innovative approach and intricate production values, the Finnish producers have stealthily pushed themselves to the front of the trance pack since coming together in 2005.

An integral part of the Anjunabeats family, Super8 & Tab released their debut artist album "Empire" in 2010 and "Empire: Remixed" in 2011, combining deep, brooding vocal anthems, classy downtempo excursions and futuristic trance fusions. An instant classic, it prompted Mixmag to write "It's a rare and wonderful thing to be blown away by an album on first listen. And that's exactly what Super8 & Tab's debut artist album does."


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