Andrew Rayel to release debut studio album 'Find Your Harmony' on May 30

22 May 2014 - - - The DJ List


Hailing from Moldova, Armada favorite ANDREW RAYEL is set to release his debut studio album 'Find Your Harmony' on Friday, May 30. Far from any ordinary producer, Andrew Rayel shows his tasteful musicianship, incorporating classical elements woven into synth-driven basslines.

Every track in the studio album is evidently crafted tune by tune with a large collection of massive and soulful vocal tunes. High velocity tracks like 'EIFORYA' and 'Dark Warrior' adds energetic vibes to the dancefloor while 'Miracles' and ' Hold On To Your Love' featuring CHRISTIAN BURNS and CINDY ALMA brings a emotive feel to the listeners.

With a variety of talented vocalists in 'Find Your Harmony' such as ALEXANDRA BADOI, Christian Burns, JONATHAN MENDELSOHN, JANO, JWAYDAN, LIRA YIN and SYLVIA TOSUN - this record is s true display of Andrew Rayel's raw talent. It's safe to say that he has carved out a sizeable niche in trance history.

Be sure to see what he had to say about the album itself in the interview we had with him earlier this month.


1. Andrew Rayel, “Find Your Harmony” (Intro)
2. Andrew Rayel, “Dark Warrior”
3. Andrew Rayel, “Impulse”
4. Andrew Rayel ft Cindy Alma, “Hold On To Your Love”
5. Andrew Rayel ft Christian Burns, “Miracles”
6. Andrew Rayel, “Latifa”
8. Andrew Rayel, “Followed By Light”
9. Andrew Rayel ft Jano, “How Do I Know”
10. Andrew Rayel, “Rise of The Era”
11. Andrew Rayel & Jwaydan, “Until The End”
12. Andrew Rayel ft Jonathan Mendelsohn, “One In A Million”
13. Andrew Rayel & Lira Yin, “Fading Echoes”
14. Andrew Rayel & BOBINA, “Sacramentum”
15. Andrew Rayel, “Power of Elements”
16. Andrew Rayel ft Alexandra Badoi, “Goodbye”
17. Andrew Rayel ft Sylvia Tosun, “There Are No Words”
18. Andrew Rayel, “The End At Pianoland” (Outro)

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