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12 July 2018 - - The DJ List


After a string of consecutive singles, ANDREW LUCE is back with the recent release of his second EP LANTERNS. It’s clear that the young producer has really hit his stride with this release. Whether it’s the immaculate work with vocals, the extremely crisp sounding beats, or the ambient synths that give the tracks their depth, it’s clear through the impeccable quality of each track the dedication and skill that Andrew brings to the table with his productions. Between this release and the string of tour date announcements most notably his playing Holy Ship 2019, the young producer is on his way to having one of his best years to date.
Just after the release of LANTERNS, we got to talk to dig a little deeper into the inner workings of Andrew’s mind and talk about the release and more.

Can you talk us through some of the key motifs/emotions that you were looking to express in your EP?

It’s a tough question, because I didn’t really think about anything like that when I was making the record. I guess the only thing that I was consciously trying to express is exactly what the record is by definition - me, at 19, spending most of the summer alone at my apartment in LA and trying to figure myself out through making music. I wanted to capture a very transformative point in my life. Just as importantly, I hope that other people are able to connect with the music in their own way too.

How do you feel you've grown as a producer since your last EP?

I feel like I’ve grown as a producer in just about every way possible since “BLANC” back in 2015. I’ve gotten much better on a technical level, so when I hear something in my head I can get a lot closer to hearing it in real life than ever. That said, and even though it sounds really cliche, I feel like growing as a person helped me a lot more than any of that could. I gained a lot of new perspectives, exposed myself to a lot of new cultures, people, and experiences. Making music has always helped me get a better understanding of who I am, but you have to go outside sometimes and grow in other ways too.

I see that there's no feature on the track “DIAMOND GIRL". Are those your vocals in the track? If yes, can we expect more tracks in the future to have vocals from you?

That is me! I’m honestly not sure yet. I’m sitting on probably a hundred vocal tracks. I have so much fun doing it but I only ever want to put my vocals on a song if it makes sense, not just because I can or because I want to. There’s at least one or two that I definitely want to release.

Do you feel there are the benefits to releasing songs collectively as an EP as opposed to releasing a couple of separate singles?

Definitely. I made these songs one after another over the summer (for the most part), and even though there’s a lot of different sounds and different styles, I feel like you can hear that it all came from the same place. I had been talking about releasing an EP for such a long time, but it took a while because I needed catch the right vibe then sit on the music for a few months to be sure. And I’m super happy with how the project turned out.

Moving forward, what are some things that we should look forward to either from yourself, or your record label Daruma?

Lots and lots of production for other artists, and a lot of new sounds for my own music. For Daruma, we are focusing on building a family within our roster, and we have all sorts of content coming from our team shortly - videos, music, editorial content, and much more. It’s all about showcasing the most passionate, most creative people that we can find, no matter who they might be or what they might be doing. More on that soon!

Listen to the EP Below:

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