ALPHA 9 Makes Triumphant Return to Anjunabeats with “Dreams”

28 February 2020 - - The DJ List


Few artists share such a storied history with ANJUNABEATS than Artem Stolyarov. Redefining trance and progressive with a festival edge, tracks like “Around The World,” “Kate,” “Rebound” (with MAT ZO) and “The Wonder” helped shape the sound of the genre. With Anjunabeats once again evolving as they enter their twentieth year, Artem comes home, reprising his ALPHA 9 alias with "Dreams."

While 2019’s “Before The Dawn” (feat. Kameron Alexander) showcased ALPHA 9’s darker side, “Dreams” is a return to the effortlessly catchy riffs that made him such a beloved act. With Miami Music Week just around the corner, it’s a reminder of the sun-soaked tracks that have made Artem such a revered producer.

“ALPHA 9 is coming back home; to a place where its music always belonged [Anjunabeats]. I’ve been waiting for this week to come for a very long time,” he said.

Stream to "Dreams" now or listen on Soundcloud.

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