Get to Know Alex Hosking: An Interview on Her Recent Successes and New Collaboration “Know You Best”

19 November 2020 - - The DJ List


Australian singer and songwriter Alex Hosking has been making the best of 2020 with her single "Fake Friends" garnering global success and continued work with other artists. She recently joined forces with Famba and JAKE TARRY on "Know You Best," out now on SPINNIN’ Records. The three were brought together by Amsterdam Dance Event, but what started at one of the largest music gatherings had to go digital and be finished over phone calls and emails back and forth across continents. “Know You Best” is anthemic, equal parts late ‘90s house and 21st century pop. Hosking’s vocals shine brightly over rich basslines and flirty hook. Hosking took the time to talk to us about the collaboration, her inspirations and more.

‘Know You Best’ is such a fun, nostalgic, and danceable track. Can you tell us the story of how it came to be from ADE?
I was running around Amsterdam writing songs, going to clubs, and hearing amazing dance music and even managed to go on a date through all the mayhem, and that’s where I got the idea that eventually made its way into the studio!

The lyrics are about the intoxicating rush of getting to know a new romantic interest, are
they based on a personal experience?

Absolutely! I went on a date and got swept away by how well it was going. We spent the entire night asking questions and by the end of the date it felt like we’d known each other forever. That was the basis around the song.’

What were some of the other musical or thematic inspirations for the track?
I love the use of the piano in this song, it’s such a driving force for the chorus. Every time I hear it I just want to get up and dance, which is the purpose of dance music right? I think the boys did a good job there!

How was the collaboration process with Famba and Jake Tarry?
What does a Canadian boy, an Englishman living in Holland, and an Australian girl all have in
common?... DANCE MUSIC! The process was super easy!

How would you describe your sound?
Fun! Whatever I touch and whatever I’m on, I always want it to be fun! I always want people to want to move.

How would you describe your writing process? Has it changed with everything that’s been going on this year?
I write a lot more by myself, which I love and send parts to DJs online. I actually have enjoyed this process and will continue it into the future. All of my songs come from my own experiences so generally, it’s the same process of experiencing something impactful enough that I would want to write into a song.

Once this is all over, what is your dream venue or festival to play?
OMG! My dream festival is Tomorrowland and then probably after that EDC in Vegas!

Who is your dream collaboration and why?
CALVIN HARRIS, he is just a wizard at what he does. He should be everyone’s dream collab. Some other DJs I’m loving at the minute are Imanbek, Regard, Riton and Dynoro!

From your Instagram, it seems like you’re really close with your family. Did they play a role in your passion for music?
1000%. I grew up with my parents both in the church choir so I remember tagging along to practices. Then from the age of 7 I started writing, in my then “princess journal,” song lyrics and poems that eventually turned into songs.

My uncle was in bands and now owns a music shop as well. So pretty much everyone in my family and extended family can sing or at least thinks they can… it’s always been very musical.

My mum, sister, and dad are amazing singers but my brother is more of a karaoke kind of guy.

What were some of your early inspirations for getting into songwriting?
I still own my journals from when I was a kid. I used to write my daily experiences down from a really young age. I’m super dyslexic and have always struggled to stay still, so writing down what I did quickly turned into rhymes, which then turned into poems. which then found melody. I found doing that was easier than just writing. I remember thinking everyone did this, but I guess not.

Congratulations on going silver with ‘Fake Friend’ and the release of ‘Playing Up’! What
exciting things are on the horizon as we approach 2021?

Thank you! It’s all very exciting, I’ve been working on some awesome songs and I can’t wait for you all to hear them! Make sure you follow me for updates!

What is one thing you’re obsessed with right now?
I’m obsessed with Thai food at the moment!

Listen to “Know You Best” out now and make sure to follow Alex on social media to stay up to date on her releases!

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