Abraxis Releases New Single “Night Rider” Featuring Crystal Skies

13 March 2020 - - The DJ List


The dynamic Abraxis, comprised of SEVEN LIONS and psy-trance duo Dimino, are back with "Night Rider" featuring CRYSTAL SKIES on Ophelia Records. The group’s second release is impactful and hear-pounding. Combining influences of psy, midtempo and melodic dubstep, the powerhouse trio adds an entirely original spin on psytrance with three completely different drops each spanning unique genres on this track.

Abraxis' closing set was one of the highlights of Dreamstate SoCal 2019. The track is also Seven Lions' second collaboration with the melodic dubstep duo Crystal Skies following 'Sojourn'. The pair will be joining DABIN on his Into the Wild tour in April and has been gaining attention from both bass and melodic artists for their powerful songwriting and heavy sets internationally and in the states.

Listen to "Night Rider" out now!

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